The Nest Allergy Hub


If you are living with childhood food allergy, you have found your home. Join us inside and we promise to help take the anxiety and confusion out of your allergy journey.


When it comes to your child’s food allergy, we’ve got your back….

With The Nest Allergy Hub is not a substitute for your specialist, but after leaving your appointment, life can be frightening, confusing and suddenly the world does not feel such a safe place.

Come in to the hub today and get to ask all of your questions about YOUR child, to our allergy nurse professionals in our private FB page.



It’s fair to say that we will ONLY provide you with the most anxiety reducing, accurate and simplified information via our awesome Private FB Group.

What will you get inside?

  • Q&A with a Registered Paediatric Allergy Nurse monthly to ask your burning questions about YOUR child’s food allergies inside our private FB group.⠀
  • An instant community of other parents who get it. You’re surrounded by & connected with other parents living exactly the same allergy journey as you.
  • Professional guidance you know you can trust, like having a child allergy specialist in your pocket!⠀
  • Access to a one-stop shop with regularly updated allergy content, downloadables and printables to dip into 24/7 inside your very own membership site.⠀
  • Accountability, for when the doctors ask you to introduce new foods and you don’t want to do it alone!⠀
  • Allergy friendly recipe cards


It’s not difficult to see why, after receiving the diagnosis of food allergy then going forth out into a completely different and dangerous world with your child, would fill you with fear and dread.


You no longer have to wait for your next specialist appointment to unpick all the questions you now have…


We’ve got your back. We can firmly bust those myths, untangle the confusion and drag you away from Dr Google!


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